The History Guides Walks, talks and lectures
The History GuidesWalks, talks and lectures


Six lecturers who believe that the Arts should be inspiring, entertaining - and a lot of fun.


An extensive collection of lectures covering a range of topics from Henry VIII to modern day



Inspiring and entertaining tours of the buildings and gardens of Hampton Court Palace and more



Tours offering an exclusive look at a small selection of the Queen's Paintings and Tapestries

Specialist Visits

‘Lively, engaging, charming, and above all well informed, the History Guides can tell even seasoned historians things they didn't know! Every tour is a gem, transporting clients to the authentic world of the past, and based on extensive, sound research. They don't come much better than this!’ 

Alison Weir, author and historian


'Engaging, informative and with a solid background of research, the History Guides bring their subject vividly to life for visitors.' 

Dr Tracy Borman, author and historian


‘Whether your passion lies in Tudor history, little-known London or modern art, the History Guides lectures and walks are a must for any discerning traveller…you will find yourself in the hands of charming professionals whose tours are guaranteed to entertain, inspire and stimulate.’

Christopher Warwick - Royal Biographer


‘The History Guides are exciting, experienced and inspiring lecturers.’

Dr Kate Williams, author and historian

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